15 Romance Anime Where the Characters Should Be Dead From Chronic Blushing

There is some debate as to whether blushing makes an anime girl cuter, but no matter where you come down on that, few things beat a good blush. Unfortunately, while there is some pleasure in romance anime where the blushing is rare and satisfying, others tend to go another route. Almost every scene the characters have a color to their cheeks. Sometimes with so much color that you aren’t sure how they are still conscious. With all that blood in their cheeks, how is there any left for their brain, right? However, if you like your romance series with lots of blushing, you are as flush with choice as the characters are flush in the face!  


As a romantic harem show, you can naturally expect a lot of blushing because more girls equals more red faces. However, Nisekoi is infamous for a lot of things, and the amount of amazing and dramatic blushes is one of them. It takes a bit to get revved up, but when the romance is in full swing, there are blushes aplenty.

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